A new cable for my MFJ-434B Voice Keyer

A while ago I moved some equipment around in the shack and I managed to damage the cable that goes between my MFJ-434B Voice Keyer and my TS-590SG. I could have patched it back together but it would have been very messy.

I struggled to locate a UK supplier of the cable and I couldn’t even find the appropriate part number so I contacted MFJ in the US directly. They advised me that the part I needed was the MFJ-5398 and very kindly agreed to send me one. This is great customer service on their behalf and very similar to the experience I had from them back in 2012 when I needed a new trap for my MA-5B.

It arrived just four days later by FedEx and it’s all installed and working. I find that using an external voice keyer during contests complements the internal one as it gives me five extra memories and a variable repeat rate.

MFJ-434B Voice Keyer and Kenwood TS-590SG

Thanks again to MFJ for excellent customer service.

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