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Statistics – March 2013

Conditions throughout March have been generally poor with moments of brilliance mixed in!  I’ve taken part in some contests this month and it’s been a struggle, the most recent was this past weekend where the bands started off in terrible condition and that really caused me to lose interest. Three new ones this month, Clipperton Island, Malawi […]

Statistics – February 2013

As the days start to lengthen, the higher bands start to work a bit better now that we’re slowly on the way out of winter and as a result I’m working a few more new DXCC entities.  This month I managed to work six new ones, these were Mali, Rotuma, Burundi, Burkina Faso, Solomon Islands […]

Statistics – January 2013

It’s February already, what happened to January?  It seems like only a few days ago that we started the new year.  It’s been a very busy month for me, the busiest ever for QSO numbers with over 1700 logged, largely down to three big data contests.  I managed to pick up two new countries in […]

Statistics and look back at 2012

To start with, here are the statistics for 2012, this includes QSOs made using G6NHU and GO6NHU. QSOs made: 10,078 Unique QSOs made: 5,531 DXCC entities worked in 2012: 223 New DXCC entities worked in 2012: 75 Total DXCC worked: 237 Using ClubLog I can break the stats down into three different modes. Using VQLog […]

Statistics – December 2012

I’m back above the corresponding months figure from last year with nearly 800 QSOs in the log for December. I only managed to work one new DXCC entity this month, that was the ZL9HR DXpedition to Campbell Island. I did have one QSO on 20m using SSTV which is a mode that I last used […]

Statistics – November 2012

This is the first month of the year where my QSO total is lower than the same month in 2011 and I put that largely down to the fact that I’ve been very busy at work this month and have had a number of late evenings and weekends where I’ve been working so my time […]

Statistics – October 2012

I’ve been a bit cheeky with my QSO count this month as I’ve included the contacts I made while operating as GP0PKT from Herm Island for a few days as part of the Martello Tower Group DXpedition but even without those, I managed a nice lot of QSOs and the DXCC entities worked only includes […]

Statistics – September 2012

I wound up my GO6NHU operations at the start of the month so whereas G6NHU didn’t get much use over the last two months, I’m back to that again.  The design for my QSL cards for GO6NHU is nearly finished and will be ordered in the next week or so.  My goal is to work […]

Statistics – August 2012

Pretty much all I’ve done this month is work data modes using my special Olympic callsign of GO6NHU.  I’ve used my normal callsign just a handful of times, mainly for picking up the five new DXCC entities (Comoros, Guyana, Micronesia, Liberia and Zambia) and for a few more unusual stations such as RI1ANF on South […]

Statistics – July 2012

The QSO count makes July look like a better month than it actually was but HF conditions haven’t been good for the majority of the month so I feel that’s reflected slightly in the number of DXCC entities worked.  I agree that ninety-two is a lot but I really thought it would be higher than […]