Statistics and look back at 2012

To start with, here are the statistics for 2012, this includes QSOs made using G6NHU and GO6NHU.

QSOs made: 10,078
Unique QSOs made: 5,531

DXCC entities worked in 2012: 223
New DXCC entities worked in 2012: 75
Total DXCC worked: 237

Monthly statistics for 2012

Using ClubLog I can break the stats down into three different modes.

Basic mode breakdown for QSOs made in 2012

Basic mode breakdown for QSOs made in 2012

Using VQLog I can go into even more detail.

Full mode breakdown for QSOs made in 2012

Full mode breakdown for QSOs made in 2012

As can be seen, RTTY was by far the mode I used the most in 2012 followed by PSK63 and only then does SSB make an appearance.  I made one SSTV QSO this year and strangely enough, I appear to have logged a QSO using WSPR which surprises me.  I don’t remember doing it but I did receive an eQSL earlier in the year for a ‘contact’ using WSPR so I must have created a return entry in my log.

Full breakdown of bands used in 2012

Full breakdown of bands used in 2012

I was initially surprised to see that I used 20m more than 15m in 2012 as 15m has become my firm favourite and given a choice of bands to use in a single band contest, 15m is always the band I select.  When I looked back through my logs, the reason for this became obvious – While using GO6NHU I made almost 1,500 contacts on 20m compared to just 360 on 15m.

2012 was my busiest year on the radio ever.  I had more contacts during last year than I’ve made during all the previous years I’ve been licensed added together.

My station has remained pretty static throughout 2012, the only change was that I swapped my Cushcraft MA-5B for a Hexbeam and that wasn’t without problems as has been mentioned herehere and here.  All those issues have been resolved now and I’m crossing my fingers that everything will be OK from now on.

In 2012 I spent a lot of time working on various DXCC awards and as a result I’m now the proud owner of certificates for 10m, 15m, 20m, mixed, digital and phone with endorsements for 200 mixed, 150 phone and 150 on 15m.  I’ve also qualified for the CW award but I’ve not applied for that one yet.

In February I completed my ‘Worked All States’ award, applied for and received the certificate.  It’s nice to have but the certificate is a bit underwhelming.

On the subject of QSLs and online log systems, during 2012 I decided to move away from uploading my logs to eQSL.  I looked long and hard at it and simply couldn’t see any reason to continue using it so I’ve completely deleted my account and won’t be using it any more.

On the other hand, ClubLog has gone from strength to strength during 2012 and after every period of operating, I upload my log to the system.  It’s great for tracking countries worked and keeping a track of everything so for me it’s an invaluable tool.

In 2012 I was involved in my first DXpedition.  I was the organiser for the Martello Tower Group DXpedition to Herm which is part of the Channel Islands.  The trip was inspired by the talk given by Rob, M0VFC at the RSGB convention back in 2011 and we’ve already started the planning to go back there again in 2013.

One thing I’ve not done enough of in 2012 is construction – I’ve bought the gear to make various things but haven’t really finished much.  In 2013 I will make a concerted effort to complete my MKARS80 kit along with a QRP SWR meter that I bought at Newark.  I also need to build the bandpass filters that I’ve got all the components for because we’re going to need them for Herm.

In 2012 I made a serious entry in the CQ WPX RTTY contest and managed to beat the ‘G’ record for a 15m entry – I’ll be doing the same in 2013 and hoping to beat my score.

To close, I’d like to wish you all a Happy New Year and good DX for 2013.

73 Keith, G6NHU


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  1. Yowser! I’m jealous. Are you getting shy in your old age, or just hoarse? 😉

  2. Neither 😛 !

    Data modes have always been my favourite and I think that’s clear from looking at the statistics for 2012. I’m sure that 2013 will be similar or perhaps an even higher percentage will be data.

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