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Returning to data modes after an enforced break

Home brew interface for data modes using two audio isolation transformers

My shack computer is an Apple iMac.  For a few years, I’ve operated a lot of data modes and been very successful in data contests.  I’ve always enjoyed data modes and in 2012 I operated GO6NHU to celebrate the London 2012 Olympics exclusively using data. Back in 2015, Apple released a new operating system called El Capitan and […]


  It’s been a while since I made a semi-serious contest entry and I happened to notice a couple of weeks ago that the CQ WPX RTTY contest was coming up.  I currently hold the England record for the 15m high power section and so I planned to try and beat that this year. I […]

JARTS WW RTTY Contest 2013

In my last post I mentioned that I’d put my 40m vertical up and was hoping to work some new DXCC entities on 40m during the Japanese Amateur Radio Teleprinter Society (JARTS) contest.  Well the band was pretty noisy but I did manage pick up three new entities – Alaska, Canary Islands and Uzbekistan. I […]

Part time entry in the EA RTTY contest

I’ve just completed a part time entry in the EA RTTY contest – It runs from 16:00z to 16:00z over the weekend so I did a few hours yesterday evening on 20m and then put the wireless back on again much later in the night and was surprised to work quite a few Ws and […]

Operating QRP. Seriously, me running QRP!

As far as I was aware, this weekend was going to be pretty much contest free and I planned to do some work on my aerials.  I received some new spacers for the Hexbeam and although I fitted the 15m ones before the BARTG RTTY bash, I didn’t have time to do the other bands.  This weekend […]

Sometimes it’s nice to have an unexpected day off

Due to unexpected circumstances, I ended up being at home today and once the reason for that was being dealt with, I decided to play radio for a while. I’ve been looking to work the TX5K DXpedition to Clipperton Island since the weekend.  I tried on Sunday but the pileups were absolutely massive and I […]

Open Ukraine RTTY Championship 2013

This contest has changed from last year – The new rules can be seen here and if I’m honest, I found some aspects to be a little confusing so I emailed the adjudicator to get some clarification. My entry was in the “High Band” rounds and I made just 157 QSOs on 15m with nothing […]

Three new DXCC entities in just a few days

Now that I’ve worked over 240 DXCC entities, finding new ones is becoming a bit of a challenge and so it was very nice to pick up three new countries in just a few days this week. On Sunday last weekend I managed to work the 9U4U DXpedition to Burundi on 17m CW and then picked up […]

The results of the OK DX RTTY contest 2012

On the 15th December I took part in the OK DX RTTY contest and I blogged about it here.  Yesterday I was pointed at the results by OK1RIG and I have to say that this has to be one of the fastest sets of contest results I’ve seen so that’s great work by the Czech […]

OK DX RTTY contest 2012

At the beginning of each month, I take a look at the contest calendar and get a rough idea of what I’m going to take part in, whether I’m just going to give away some points or whether I’m going to make a serious entry.  The data contests attract my attention more than any others […]