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Video of the ten minute multi QRPp mode transmission

After my entry a few days ago, I’ve made a video of my Hans Summers Ultimate 3S transmitter going through all four modes in a single ten minute frame.  It’s annotated with comments along the way describing what’s happening at every stage.

Running four QRPp modes in a ten minute frame

Over the last month or so I’ve been doing some experimenting using a newly built Hans Summers Ultimate 3S transmitter fitted with the new oven controlled crystal oscillator and I’m now running four different modes in a single ten minute frame with space at the end for a calibration cycle. You should note that to […]

Testing my dummy load

Back in August last year I built a dummy load out of a bunch of resistors, a paint tin and some oil.  I said at the time that it seems to work fine on HF but not so well on VHF.  After I used the load last weekend to test my aerial, I thought perhaps […]

Building a dummy load

Dummy load in oil

Some time ago I decided that I really ought to have a dummy load in the shack.  I used to own a very good BNOS load a long time ago but I really have no idea what happened to it.  At some time it probably was either sold or stashed in the loft, I really […]

Days 231, 232 and 233 – RTTY!

There was a Sporadic E opening on 6m on day #231 and so I was pleased to work HA3LI, Ali, IZ5EME, Marco, IW4AOT, Peter, IK4ASR, Davide and IZ3SQW, Mirko using just my homebrew indoor half wave dipole.  I then switched over to 40m and spoke to GP3ZPE/P, Paul on Guernsey and then worked a couple […]