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Returning to data modes after an enforced break

Home brew interface for data modes using two audio isolation transformers

My shack computer is an Apple iMac.  For a few years, I’ve operated a lot of data modes and been very successful in data contests.  I’ve always enjoyed data modes and in 2012 I operated GO6NHU to celebrate the London 2012 Olympics exclusively using data. Back in 2015, Apple released a new operating system called El Capitan and […]

The results of the UK DX BPSK63 2013 contest

In January I entered the UK DX BPSK63 contest, the claimed scores showed that it was very close at the top.  The results have been published and I’m happy to report that after adjudication, I kept first place and although you can’t see from the image below, my score was the highest of any UK […]

The UK DX BPSK63 2013 contest

Last weekend I was pleased to take part in the UK DX BPSK63 contest – This contest was RTTY in 2012 but has changed to PSK63 this year.  I generally prefer operating RTTY to PSK but there’s no doubt that PSK63 is quicker than RTTY and more stations will fit into the available bandwidth. This […]

What a difference a week (and a mode) makes

Last weekend was a bit of a disaster with just 41 QSOs in the Open Ukrainian RTTY Championship which was even more disappointing as I’d messed up the dates with the EA PSK63 contest.  That particular contest was this weekend and so due to other commitments, I only had a few hours to play today with […]