Days 240, 241 and 242

I’ve become a bit lapse in updating the blog with QSO details and so I’m a few days behind here – I’ll try and catch up over the weekend.  But just because I’m not writing the blog doesn’t mean I’m not using the radio.

On day #240 I first worked a few more stations on RTTY just after midnight, I worked W4DXX and YT1LD on 40m and then WY4Y on 20m.  In the evening I first spoke to RA6ALS, Alex on 17m and then switched to 20m JT65 to have QSOs with VE3IYA, Don and IW9DNS, Mario.  I then leaped back over to 17m to work KS4S, Nyles and W0EEA, Jim using the same mode.

In the morning of day #242 I worked SM5HBL, Jan on 20m JT65 before switching to 40m SSB and talking to a couple of special event stations, GB4HRC, Dave and GB4CBE, Richard.  I had a couple of PSK31 QSOs later when I worked R6DH, Yuri on 15m and RN3KL on 17m.   Late in the evening I worked US3IFV, Nickolay, KD8PAF, John, KY0R, Harold, and N4CE, James on 20m and W2GHD, Edward and HK3WGQ, Mario on 30m, all using JT65.

On day #242 I first worked KU4XO, Matt, WB9IIV, Harry and KD8EZS on 15m before rounding off the afternoon with two PSK63 QSOs on 20m, working EG5FL and R3FO.

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