Month: January 2011

When do I get a chance to operate?

I’ve been asked via Twitter to post the times I get a chance to operate the radio and make my QSOs.  During the week, the time I have available to operate the wireless is limited, I’m normally up at around quarter to six and out of the house just after half past six to head […]

Days 10, 11 and 12

This three day update seems to work well, it’s a format that I may well stick with throughout the year. Day #10 saw two contacts in the evening, both on 40m as expected and unsurprisingly to Spain and Italy (EA1HDD and IK6BGJ), two of the three countries I hear the most on the band, the […]

Day 9 – Namibia!

I won’t normally blog twice a day and I generally won’t blog on the same day as I had the QSOs but as I’m not going to be on the wireless again today I thought I may as well post. I’ve had three QSOs today, the first was on 7MHz where I worked IK4HLQ, Joe […]

Days 6, 7 and 8

These days have been good, no drama like on day #5 where I nearly didn’t manage to have a contact. Day #6 was a 40m day with both QSOs being on 40m, the first to S57O, Franc in Slovenia and a couple of hours later I worked IZ2EWR, Peter in Italy, not too far from […]

73 – A rant

In amateur radio terms, the numbers 73 are an abbreviation for “best wishes” or “best regards”.  Note the plural. At the end of a contact people generally sign off using that abbreviation, it’s polite. But if you say “seven threes” or “seventy threes” then what you’re really saying is “best wisheses“.  That sounds a bit […]

Days 3,4 and 5

Day #3 started off well with a QSO just a few seconds into the day to R7DX (what a great callsign), Alex who is around 1,800 miles away in Russia.  I worked him on 40m and the band was wide open but I was very tired and went to bed straight after.   Later on […]

First QSOs of 2011

The first two days QSOs have been easy, if it’s like this all year then it’ll be a breeze! I still don’t have much experience in HF propagation so I still don’t really know what to expect but the bands seem to have been in a fairly good way over the last couple of days. […]

My review of 2010

So with 2011 now firmly ensconced on our calendars I thought I should write a review of 2010 as far as my amateur radio activities have gone. I started playing radio again properly half way through 2009 with the rebirth of ClackPak into the Martello Tower Group but for me, 2010 was the year where […]