Month: May 2011

QSL card received from VK6BN

I like QSL cards.  Electronic methods of confirming contacts are all very well and are a much more efficient method of QSLing but I much prefer to have a real physical QSL card in my hand. eQSL simulates that with graphical representations of cards but it’s not the same. I’ve just received a card from my […]

Days 130, 131 and 132 – Playing QRSS

I’ve only worked four stations over the three days but have been playing QRSS again. On day #130 I first spoke to ON5KQ, Ulli on 40m – I was only using 10w for this contact and then I had a chat with Terry, G4BFS up near Norwich on the same band.  Terry was using a […]

Days 127, 128 and 129 – The end of GR6NHU

These were three bumper days on the radio, I operated exclusively with my Royal Wedding callsign for them and ended up with a nice number of QSOs in the log.  Over the period I had 166 contacts using GR6NHU over a total of 38 DXCC entities including one new one for me.  I know some […]

Royal Wedding callsigns – All clubs operated illegally

Following on from my rant about the Royal Wedding callsigns here I emailed the RSGB Royal Wedding NoV email address to express my views that I was disappointed how Ofcom handled the matter of issuing NoVs to clubs inconsistently. This is the reply I received. Sir, Ofcom advice is that any station operating using the “R” […]

Royal Wedding callsigns – A minor rant

I applied for my Royal Wedding NoV nice and early on when they were announced and it came through promptly, all good. With a couple of days to spare, I applied for an NoV for the Martello Tower Group so that we could use GR0PKT on our planned radio play night the following Tuesday.  I’d […]

Days 124, 125 and 126 – GR6NHU gets more airtime

I was expecting it to be tricky on day #124 as I knew I’d be potentially very late home from work after a meeting of the Hadley Wood Contest Group so I threw the wireless on first thing in the morning and was rewarded with a JT65 QSO on 20m with VK4BDJ, David in Queensland, […]

Days 121, 122 and 123 – Denmark on 144MHz

Day #121 started with a few JT65 QSOs on 20m, I worked RA9WE, YV6BFE, OH2BPO and OK1NZJ before jumping over to 40m SSB and working a few special callsigns – GR0GMN, Jim in Scotland, MR0XDX, Paul in Mablethorpe, 2R0NOC, Colin in Ashford, GB4HRH, Paul, GB5RER, Peter, GB0PPS, Pete in Petworth, GR3)CA, Ken in Derby, MR0MAU, […]

Review – April

Coincidentally April saw exactly the same number of QSOs as January although I worked more DXCCs but only one new entity.  It’s been a good month on the air with the band conditions changing a lot and now in the evenings I’m working much more 20m than I’ve done so far this year and the […]

Days 118, 119 and 120 – GR goes live and wires in the ground

I had just one QSO in the morning of day #118 as G6NHU and that was with JA7CSS, Hiro on 15m and then I stayed off the radio until the GR callsigns came active at 23:00z (00:00 local) and in that hour I had three contacts, all using JT65.  The first was on 20m with […]