Days 237, 238 and 239 – some JT65, RTTY, SSB, PSK31 and even some FM

I’ve noticed that my operating tends to go in phases, sometimes I’ll work just 40m, or other times I’ll be operating exclusively on SSB and at the moment I’m in a datacomms phase where a huge chunk of my time is spent operating the data modes.

So to kick off, on day #237  I first worked W8DOG, Glen on 20m JT65 followed by a nice chat with GB3CPM, Peter on 40m SSB.  I then had a contact with EV1P, Vlad on 20m PSK31 before jumping onto 10m FM to talk to Yan, M0YNK and Chris, M6GSD, both in Colchester.  I rounded up the evening by talking to OM3TWM, Vlado on 40m.

I only had two contacts on day #238, firstly I worked Sergey, RD3AAD on 20m JT65 before talking to CT3MD, Jose on 15m SSB.

I worked a lot more people on day #239 though, firstly I had a QSO on 40m JT65 with W9II, Joel.  This was at six minutes past midnight and the band was nicely open but it was late, I was tired and I went to bed!  In the morning I spoke to EF5DY, Salva on 20m and then switched over to RTTY to give away some points in a contest.  The bands were in pretty poor condition that afternoon so I just worked a few on 20m: GM0NBM, RA6DE, GM0FGI, IC8TEM, UN1L, and RG9A.   In the evening I gave away a few more points, this time on 40m: F5ODF, EM2G, F5VKT, LA7HJA, EO3Q, S53M, EA1AKS, LZ8E and YL5T

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