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I’ve blogged previously about my total lack of success running QRSS on the 30 metre (10MHz) band and I’ve always blamed my aerial.  I ran my home made QRSS kit into my long wire for a few days and nobody heard me.  I tried running it into a home made dipole for a few days […]

G6NHU ‘grabbed’ in Pensacola again

I totally forgot on Friday night to switch the QRSS transmitter on but remembered just before I went to bed last night to tune the aerial for 40m and connect up the kit. This morning I had a hunt through the archives at W4HBK’s Pensacola Snapper and was very pleased to see that my 150mW […]

Days 76, 77 and 78 – DXCCs everywhere

Days #76 started off just after midnight.  Now I appreciate that one day always follows the previous but in the case of day #76 it started on the wireless at 00:05 when I worked OX3XR, Peter in Greenland on 40m JT65 for a new DXCC.  That was followed by VE3ZUP in Canada on the same […]

More QRSS, overnight full grab from Pensacola

Just a quick update, I’ve been shown a full overnight trace from the Pensacola Snapper I mentioned earlier today and I’m pleased to post it here. It clearly shows when my signal appeared and then faded away, it’s a good trace, I like it.

QRSS – I was right, 40m is better than 30m

I posted an entry to this blog a couple of days ago about my 40m QRSS transmitter which I left online that night.  I wasn’t grabbed by anyone and so I planned to have it running during the weekends because I was advised that W4HBK’s Pensacola Snapper generally switches to 40m on Friday nights. I […]

QRSS on 40m. It’s got to be better than 30m.

I’ve mentioned QRSS a few times and have put together a good page all about it on the Martello Tower Group website which you can read by clicking here.  I’ve tried running it on 30m from this QTH either through my long wire or a cobbled together dipole in the loft but neither method has […]

QRSS for the third time

As mentioned over the last two days, the G0PKT QRSS transmitter has now been spotted by a number of ‘grabbers’ around the world, the furthest away being just over 1400 miles away in Russia. Not bad for a transmitter and aerial that cost less than £20 to put together and runs around 150mW output. As […]

Days 23, 24, 25 and more QRSS

On day #23 I wound the radio onto 18MHz again and had a tune around, I found UY5ZZ, Vlad calling CQ DX so I did the same thing I’ve done previously, turned the power down and asked he minded working a QRP station. He was good with this and so we had a brief chat. […]

QRSS, woo!

I arrived at work this morning to an email from Mauro, IK1WVQ to tell me that he’d spotted the G0PKT QRSS beacon on 30m.  This is the first time we’ve had a reported signal and looking at the trace he sent me, the signal really was quite strong.  It stayed with him for a large […]

Day 9 – Namibia!

I won’t normally blog twice a day and I generally won’t blog on the same day as I had the QSOs but as I’m not going to be on the wireless again today I thought I may as well post. I’ve had three QSOs today, the first was on 7MHz where I worked IK4HLQ, Joe […]