Days 351 and 352

Just in case there were problems putting my beam back up on day #351 I had a ‘banker’ 40m JT65 QSO first thing, I worked IZ2QPP, Ermes.  All went well though and so I spoke to UA9CUA on 10m SSB followed by P39P on 15m.  After that I had a chat with M3TUC, Tucker in Carlisle on 40m.  I’ve been to Carlisle once, many years ago where I remember having a drunken chat with one of our ‘boys in blue’ and asking if his head went to the top of his helmet.  I recall my friends asking him to handcuff me!  I won’t mention the close up video of an off duty policewoman in the pub who was jiggling in a most interesting way.  Whoops 🙂  After that I had a go on RTTY, giving away some points in some contest or other.  I worked N2WK, W1BYH, K90M and K2TE on 10m then HK3JJB, UW8I and NR4M on 15m.  Later I spoke to G4WSB/P, Bill on 40m and then fired up JT65 again, working KJ4DJ, KO4PU and AE7U on 20m.  I finished off the evening on 40m RTTY giving points to EA1AKS, UY2UQ, G4DBW, OK3R and UW8I.

On day #352 I first spoke to a special event station, TM100SP, Francois on 40m before giving JT65 a run on 15m working some nice DX, RW6AB, UA4ATB, JH3XYP, JE2TLZ, JH4BTI, JI3CJP, VK4BL and UN7EN.

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