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Days 353 to 357 – More midweek 40m data

All QSOs over this five day period were on 40m using JT65 and the pattern is the same all the way through with one or two contacts early morning between 06:15 and 06:30 and then maybe one more at least twelve hours later after work. Day #353 KJ4QXC, Dan and UA1ZFL, Vladimir. Day #354 W2BT, […]

Days 351 and 352

Just in case there were problems putting my beam back up on day #351 I had a ‘banker’ 40m JT65 QSO first thing, I worked IZ2QPP, Ermes.  All went well though and so I spoke to UA9CUA on 10m SSB followed by P39P on 15m.  After that I had a chat with M3TUC, Tucker in […]

Days 346 to 350 – Early morning and late evening JT65

With my mast down and just a 40m monoband dipole up at 15ft and my 10m vertical, I was quite limited in what I could do this week because I was actually worse off for aerials than I’ve been all year.  I started with a long wire through the smarttuner so at least I could […]

Days 344 and 345 – The ARRL 10m Contest

These two days were the ARRL 10m contest and I had high hopes for it.  I had a mental target of 500 QSOs over the course of the weekend but things didn’t go as well as expected.  I started off on Saturday morning and it was difficult to get a run going and that really […]

Days 337 to 343 – Aerial work at the Martello Tower and the 2m UKAC

I had a nice lot of QSOs on day #337, largely on the higher bands again.  I was up at a reasonable time and had a couple of CQ shouts on 10m, first working UV3QF, Igor and UA6BCB, Vlad.  I was then nicely surprised to be called by ZL4CZ, Steven who was a nice loud […]

Days 334, 335 and 336 – Not much happening

This is a very small update.  The bands have been really dead in the evenings and the fact that I didn’t have an aerial for 40m following it falling down means it’s been a difficult three days. Day #334 was when the aerial fell down, I worked EA3DTD, Toni on 40m using half a dipole […]

Review – November

I missed working one hundred countries in November by just four but that’s overshadowed by the fact that I’ve worked a large number of new DXCC entities this month and also have had a load confirmed on LoTW – An extra seventeen entities which has pushed me firmly into my DXCC award.  I actually reached […]

Days 331, 332 and 333 – One more CW QSO in the log

Day #331 started off with some QSOs on 12m, I worked EA9IB, Pedro, EK6TA, Hovik, EW6DX, Igor and SV2HTI, Ilias.  After that I spoke to WV4X, Don and IZ0VXL, Federico on 15m before going back to 12m to talk to YO3RU. I then had my eighth QSO of the year using Morse code.  I worked ZD8N on […]

Days 328, 329 and 330 – Another new aerial

Day #328 was very nearly the end of QSO365!  It’s incredible to think that the project could fail this close to the end but it only takes some bad propagation and it could all be over.  I got home in the evening and the HF bands were dead.  Really dead.  I mean, you may think that the […]

Days 325, 326 and 327 – Three average days on the wireless

It’s getting to the time of year now that when I get home in the evening, the bands have largely closed down and with an aerial which doesn’t seem to be performing too well on the lower bands I’m starting to struggle a little bit.  I’m aiming to take the OCFD down and replace it […]