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Cushcraft MA5B is broken – and repaired

Last weekend was the Hungarian DX contest and I decided a few days prior that I was going to enter it.  I planned on a single band entry which would allow me to spend a few hours on the Saturday afternoon and then come back again on Sunday morning when the band re-opened. I worked […]

Days 364 and 365 – Some QRSS and a bit of everything to wrap up QSO365

It feels a little odd to be writing this final regular update for QSO365.  It really doesn’t seem like a year ago that it all started and I’m a little relieved to be posting this update, knowing that the project has been a resounding success with not only a QSO made every day of 2011, […]

Days 361, 362 and 363 – Some nice DX and just what is this ROS thing?

I started day #361 in what’s become the usual way, I had two 40m JT65 QSOs, working DK6AN and DG6AOY before switching to 15m SSB and talking with LZ1ND, Ted and 5V7MA in Togo.  I then spoke to HS0ZGQ, Joe in Thailand on 10m.  After that I worked I2OHO, Luciano and RA3GS on 20m followed […]

Days 358, 359 and 360 – It’s Christmas!

Day #358 was Christmas Eve and so I had some QSOs first thing in the morning before I went off to hook up with the other members of the Martello Tower Group at the local cafe for a late breakfast before heading over to Coastal Communications for the traditional Christmas Eve nibbles.  I first worked […]

Days 351 and 352

Just in case there were problems putting my beam back up on day #351 I had a ‘banker’ 40m JT65 QSO first thing, I worked IZ2QPP, Ermes.  All went well though and so I spoke to UA9CUA on 10m SSB followed by P39P on 15m.  After that I had a chat with M3TUC, Tucker in […]

Days 346 to 350 – Early morning and late evening JT65

With my mast down and just a 40m monoband dipole up at 15ft and my 10m vertical, I was quite limited in what I could do this week because I was actually worse off for aerials than I’ve been all year.  I started with a long wire through the smarttuner so at least I could […]

Days 344 and 345 – The ARRL 10m Contest

These two days were the ARRL 10m contest and I had high hopes for it.  I had a mental target of 500 QSOs over the course of the weekend but things didn’t go as well as expected.  I started off on Saturday morning and it was difficult to get a run going and that really […]

Days 337 to 343 – Aerial work at the Martello Tower and the 2m UKAC

I had a nice lot of QSOs on day #337, largely on the higher bands again.  I was up at a reasonable time and had a couple of CQ shouts on 10m, first working UV3QF, Igor and UA6BCB, Vlad.  I was then nicely surprised to be called by ZL4CZ, Steven who was a nice loud […]

Days 334, 335 and 336 – Not much happening

This is a very small update.  The bands have been really dead in the evenings and the fact that I didn’t have an aerial for 40m following it falling down means it’s been a difficult three days. Day #334 was when the aerial fell down, I worked EA3DTD, Toni on 40m using half a dipole […]

Days 331, 332 and 333 – One more CW QSO in the log

Day #331 started off with some QSOs on 12m, I worked EA9IB, Pedro, EK6TA, Hovik, EW6DX, Igor and SV2HTI, Ilias.  After that I spoke to WV4X, Don and IZ0VXL, Federico on 15m before going back to 12m to talk to YO3RU. I then had my eighth QSO of the year using Morse code.  I worked ZD8N on […]