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Days 320, 321 and 322 – Lots of JT65A reception reports

I didn’t have too many QSOs on these three days, largely because I was running some extended JT65A receive sessions which were quite interesting. On day #320 I spoke to W2WP, Mike and N4CCA, Don on 20m SSB and then I ran receive on 40m JT65 overnight.  The aerial used here was an off centre […]

Days 317, 318 and 319

I worked a few RTTY stations in the early hours of day #317 on 40m carrying on with the contest from the day before, they were W3LL, VA2UP, IK4CLF, UA9OG, OM7OM, Z37M, WA2TMC, K9NR and IW1QN.  In the morning I spoke to RW9JZ, Leo and EW6DX, Igor on 10m SSB.  Later I switched to 12m […]

Days 314, 315 and 316 – More great conditions and new DXCCs

I had a very good start to day #314, I heard two stations on 10m from New Zealand talking to each other and passing the DX they were working backwards and forwards between them.  I called a few times with no response and then the stronger of them said “I’ll take one more call and […]

Days 311, 312 and 313 – I have an amplifier

I started off day #311 on 20m when I spoke to IN3LQB, Paul before I moved to 10m and worked A61AS, Salem and TA1BX, Burhan.  I then moved to 12m to talk to JT1BV, Naran.  This was followed by three PSK31 contacts on 15m with LY2CK, Fred, UY2IC, Aleksandr and UT1Ef, Stanislav.  Later in the […]

Days 309 and 310 – The Ukrainian DX Contest

Day #309 started as any normal day, I had a few QSOs.  I first worked UA3QBL, Vlad and UA4NX, Eduard on 10m PSK31 and then spoke to UN7BEW, Alex on SSB.  I also worked IZ1DGG, Alf on 20m and then RA9KY, Nick, HZ1SK, Samir and Z21BB, Fernando in Zimbabwe for a new DXCC. A while […]

Days 307 and 308 – eight new DXCC entities in the log

I started off on day #307 working TU2T on 10m followed by CN2DX, Andre and then PJ5/SP6IXF, Janusz in St. Eustatius & Saba for a new DXCC.  I then spoke to FG5DH, Christian in Guadeloupe for another new DXCC entity. I then worked TU2T twice more, on 12m and 17m.  I’ve said before that I don’t really […]

Days 304, 305 and 306 – A new eQSL certificate

I don’t actually log onto eQSL too often but I did a couple of days ago and realised that I’d reached 75 confirmed countries via their Awards page so I requested and duly received the appropriate certificate. The general perception is that there are more people actively uploading to eQSL than there are to LoTW […]

Days 302 and 303 – CQWW SSB weekend

This weekend was the CQWW SSB contest, arguably the largest HF contest of the year and it was an event I’d been looking forward to for some time.  Last year I just gave away a few points using a relatively low and inefficient aerial but with the beam up, I knew I was going to […]

Days 299, 300 and 301 – Three new DXCC entities in the log

Just a few QSOs for these three days but there are some good ones – On day #299 I first worked PT2CM and SZ7SER on 20m SSB and then EI9HX and 9A8DX on 40m. On day #300 I had 3 QSOs and all 3 were new DXCCs for me.  They were all on 20m and […]

Days 296, 297 and 298 – I finally worked T32C

Day #296 was the day of the aerial work although before we started tearing my aerials down, I had a quick ‘banker’ QSO just in case things didn’t go well.  I worked JG1WNO, Hiro on 10m JT65 early in the morning. After all the work was done and my beam was up, my first QSO […]