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A guide to setting up an APRS receive only iGate using a Raspberry Pi and an RTL-SDR dongle

** This is now outdated, I recommend the pre-built image from here rather than following these instructions.  I can not support this method any more ** I originally bought a Raspberry Pi back in October 2012 but as I didn’t have a specific purpose in mind for it, I quickly sold it again.  A few […]

I’m not dead!

I know I’ve not updated this blog for some months but don’t panic, I’m not actually dead! Although I’ve not done much operating this year, I have still been playing radio.  I’ve been melting a lot of solder building WSPR and QRSS transmitters and there’s normally some RF being transmitted on an HF band somewhere […]

Not a very good night at the Martello Tower

Last night was the April 144MHz RSGB UKAC contest and as usual we were at the Martello Tower to take part. Things started off slowly with only 15 stations or so worked in the first half an hour with just two of those being given a genuine five-nine report.  Signals were generally much lower than […]

Days 337 to 343 – Aerial work at the Martello Tower and the 2m UKAC

I had a nice lot of QSOs on day #337, largely on the higher bands again.  I was up at a reasonable time and had a couple of CQ shouts on 10m, first working UV3QF, Igor and UA6BCB, Vlad.  I was then nicely surprised to be called by ZL4CZ, Steven who was a nice loud […]

Days 246 to 255

To get me back up to date, I’m going to do a couple of big updates and because each one will cover around ten days it’s going to be a log extract in the form of a list as I reckon that’s the easiest way to do it.  There’s a nice range of contacts there […]

Days 234, 235 and 236

It’s holiday time now so I’m spending a little more time on the wireless.  Of course, because it’s holiday means that I’m out and about doing stuff during the day and taking time late at night when I’d normally be in bed to play radio. I’ve had an update from John at Aerial-Parts of Colchester to […]

Days 163, 164 and 165

Day #163 kicked off with a few QSOs in a 144MHz contest – Not as many as I’d have hoped but conditions were pretty dire and although I tuned around for nearly an hour, I only managed to work five stations who were G3NYY/P, TM7T, G0UTT/P, G2XV/P and MI0AYR/P.  After that I worked DL0YLC, Connie […]

IARU Region 1 VHF Contest 2010 results

The results of the IARU Region 1 VHF contest from September 2010 have finally been published.  As an entrant to the RSGB 144MHz Trophy I was automatically entered to this one and I’ve been quite keen to see the results for some time as it was the first time I’ve done the full 24 hour […]

Days 157, 158 and 159 – QSL cards from the bureau

All three of these days were very busy for me and so I managed just two QSOs on each day but that’s one more than I’ve said I’ll do and I’m still very happy to be playing radio every day. On day #157 I decided to have a shout on 2m for a change and […]

Days 142, 143 and 144 – RTTY

Day #142 was quite a disappointment after the previous day.  I’d planned to be up early and spend six hours operating on VHF in the same contest we worked the day before from the Martello Tower.  I was up in plenty of time but once I started operating, it became very obvious very quickly that […]