Band conditions – wallop, what happened there?

Today is Saturday. I woke up and got up around 08:00, at 08:15 I was on the wireless giving away a few points in the CQWW RTTY contest.  I only operated S&P and in 45 minutes I’d worked 25 stations starting off on 40m and switching to 20m after a while.  I worked all over […]

Now it’s time to run QRSS on 80m

Having had lots of fun running QRSS on both 30m and 40m I decided to try another band so a few weeks ago I ordered the 80m QRSS kit from QRP Labs and it was almost completely assembled within an hour of me receiving it – I documented that in the blog post here.  It […]

QRSS – G0PKT is back

Earlier this week I noticed that G0PKT was missing when I ran my occasional QRSS grabber on 30m so I asked around the QRSS community and it turned out that it hadn’t been heard for a few days. I contacted Tony, G0MBA who checked and found that the power supply which the transmitter was running […]

Days 130, 131 and 132 – Playing QRSS

I’ve only worked four stations over the three days but have been playing QRSS again. On day #130 I first spoke to ON5KQ, Ulli on 40m – I was only using 10w for this contact and then I had a chat with Terry, G4BFS up near Norwich on the same band.  Terry was using a […]

Days 115, 116 and 117 – QRSS grabbing on 40m

I started off day #115 by working Roger, ON7TQ on 40m.  He had a huge pileup going and was spending a couple of minutes talking to each person so it took a while to work him but it was a nice QSO once I did. Conditions seemed so nice on 40m that I decided to […]

A day without the internet and an 80m QRSS transmitter

I woke up yesterday morning to find the worst possible scenario (except perhaps for a zombie apocalypse).  The internet had failed!  I tried rebooting my modem and even went as far as resetting it but not only was it not connecting to the internet, I couldn’t even connect to it. So I arranged to have […]

My 40m QRSS transmitter spotted warming up

I put my 40m QRSS transmitter on air over the weekend as I do sometimes and was most intrigued to be sent the following capture. Colin, G6AVK who’s in Rayleigh, Essex (not too far from me) had been monitoring at the time and spotted my transmission when it first came on air.  You can clearly […]

40m QRSS overnight, 01/04/11 to 02/04/11

Last night was a good night for me on 40m QRSS, I was spotted by four grabbers that I’m aware of, they were, in alphabetical order. IV3ONZ, Italy at 1114 kilometres, 692 miles ON5EX, Belgium at 199 kilometres, 123 miles VE1VDM, Canada at 4634 kilometres, 2879 miles W4HBK, USA at 7288 kilometres, 4528 miles   […]


I’ve blogged previously about my total lack of success running QRSS on the 30 metre (10MHz) band and I’ve always blamed my aerial.  I ran my home made QRSS kit into my long wire for a few days and nobody heard me.  I tried running it into a home made dipole for a few days […]

G6NHU ‘grabbed’ in Pensacola again

I totally forgot on Friday night to switch the QRSS transmitter on but remembered just before I went to bed last night to tune the aerial for 40m and connect up the kit. This morning I had a hunt through the archives at W4HBK’s Pensacola Snapper and was very pleased to see that my 150mW […]