Days 103, 104 and 105

On day #103 there was a talk at the Harwich Amateur Radio Interest Group (HARIG) that I really wanted to go to.  It was also the night of the 80m Club Championship contest.  And it was my XYLs birthday!

So we went out for a lovely meal, the two of us and our kids and had a great time and when we got home I spent half an hour on the wireless giving away points on 80m.  I worked ten stations, G0VDZ, G4ODC, G3TXF, G3PDH, M0NNH, G3TBK, G3NPF, G8FMJ/P, G3VCA and G7VRK.  After that I had a very quick QSO with SV4FFK, Sakis on 20m.

On day #104 I had three QSOs, both on 20m which is really coming alive now.  I worked HA1AD, Otto, N4MUH, Michael and KU4FO, Carl.

Day #105 saw just two contacts, the first was with SP3BQC, Jurek on 20m and then US3MW, Gennadij on 15m.

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