10MHz QRSS Transmitter kit

I mentioned yesterday that I’d been building a QRP Labs 30m QRSS transmitter so I thought I’d go into a bit more detail here.  QRS is accepted as the Q-code for ‘please send slower;  in Morse and QRSS is a derivative of that in that it means ‘send extremely slowly’.

Very slow Morse code is good for propagation testing and just for seeing how far one can push RF at very low power.  The kit I’ve built will run between 100mW and 150mW and will simply transmit my callsign over and over again.  Because it’s so slow, the bandwidth used is very small, normally just 4-5Hz so a lot of beacons can be squeezed into a very narrow space.  More can be read about QRSS here.

Here’s my transmitter, all built and ready for setting up.

QRP Labs QRSS Transmitter

I’ve never had to wind any coils before so I’m quite happy with the results.  I hope to get it set up in the next couple of weeks and once I’ve sorted out an aerial for it, I’ll put it on air.

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